A Sweet Escape with Christina Nadin

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Digital creative and model Christina Nadin talks about LA life, her escape to the Philippines, and why it always feels like home.​

“I started journaling during the pandemic. I think it’s nice to start your day with good intentions. I never used to do that before. It’s nice to give yourself a little bit of time before your day starts to write down your intentions or amp yourself up with good things about yourself.”​

“Three things that make me happy are my dog Lilo [who is actually my best friend], junk food — I eat like a child — and the Philippines. [Visiting the] Philippines is like a reset for me. Every time I come here, I feel like I become my best version. I feel way happier here.”​

​“[My trip] has been brilliant. It’s a good mix of chill island life and hanging out with people. I feel like I’m a lot more grounded when I’m here because this is where my mom is from. It’s like home to me.”​

“I’ve been living in LA for four years and it’s good but it’s nice to go around and travel. It can feel a little same-same but overall it’s a good place to live and the weather is great. I like spending my mornings drinking smoothies, working out, and hanging out with friends.”​

Song that gets you in a summer mood?​

Anything Tame Impala. My favorite is “Borderline”.

Restaurants you recommend to anyone visiting LA​

Escuela for Mexican food. Jon and Vinny’s for Italian food.

What’s in your morning smoothie?​

Blueberries, peanut butter, oat milk, and vanilla protein.

Go-to workout?​

Pilates or Forma.

Favorite place in the world?​

Siargao now that I’ve learned to surf. It’s just a nice place to be.

Favorite Filipino snacks?​

Chippy, Nova, Cracklings in Salt & Vinegar, they’re the best.


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