What are progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses are line-free multifocal lenses that allow you to see at different distances seamlessly. They work by having multiple prescriptions in one lens, making them convenient and easy on the eyes.

Who are they for?

The need for progressive lenses commonly occurs later in life, but almost anyone with vision problems can wear them. If you have a high grade and have a problem focusing on things up close, then Progressives might be for you.

What frames are best suited for these lenses?

Our Progressives collection was designed with progressive lenses users in mind, providing ideal silhouettes for multi-focal lenses.

Sizes are custom-fit for progressive lenses

Rectangle and square shapes to maximize clarity for all fields of vision

Nose pads for comfort


Switching to progressive lenses?

Adapting to progressive lenses takes time. Below is guide on how to ease into them: