Fit & Product Care


Lenses size varies by style. When shopping our site you can sort the eyeglass styles by size through our lens width filter. Below you will see the measurement for each size.

How do I take care of my frames?

Sunnies Specs Optical frames are made of premium materials and quality craftsmanship. But with all things, it is always best to handle things with care.

If you’re not wearing them, store your frames properly inside your Sunnies Specs Optical hard case. This protects your case from mishandling and accidental damage.

For cleaning your lenses, always use your Sunnies Specs Optical cleaning cloth. We recommend pairing your microfiber cleaning cloth with our Sunnies Specs Optical lens cleaner solution.

If your lenses get liquids such as cosmetics or oil on them, dry the lenses and frame immediately. The usual cleaning process is recommended.

Never leave your frames inside the car as the temperature or direct heat can cause damage to your glasses.

When cleaning your glasses, handle your frames by gripping the bridge of your eyewear.

Never place your glasses lens-side down, this avoids unwanted scratches and accidental damage.